Tuesday, February 9, 2016

CFI 18 January 2015 for free

Global ISM Commodity Index
Let us present you our ISM Commodity Index - a new tool to predict the freight level in a certain basin for the period of 3-6 weeks.

ISM Commodity Index is weighted average of export prices for main types of dry cargoes (such as steels, grains, coal, ores, scrap, pig iron, fertilizers) which are exported from a certain region.

For example, ISM Azov Sea Commodity Index is weighted average of scrap price bss C&F Turkey, wheat price bss FOB Azov Sea, maize price bss FOB Azov Sea.

ISM BlSea Commodity Index (bss coaster market) is weighted average of wheat, maize, barley prices bss FOB Ukrainian ports, wheat price bss FOB Novo, steel billets, pig iron, urea, ammonium nitrate prices bss FOB BlSea, coal price bss C&F Marmara.

Global ISM Commodity Index is weighted average of Azov Sea, BlSea, Lower Baltic, Gulf of Finland, FEast Commodity Indices.

Download CFI for free and be aware of latest news, indications, trends, fixtures and forecasts in small tonnage dry bulk shipping and commodity markets.

You can download full CFI report 18 January 2015 for free here.

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